Salt Springs State Park

Salt Springs State Park is a beautiful place to hike and sight-see. It located close to the border of New York and it is an hour drive away from our place. According to my state park passport, the main attractions are the old growth, three to four hundred-year old Hemlock Trees. You will see the towering trees and also three waterfalls if you walk on Fall Brook Trail. Do walk cautiously because the slope is pretty steep at the beginning of the trail.

Wetland Trail is an easy 0.6 miles hike but you will have to walk pass all these human-height plants and shrubs. This trail is very pretty where you can discover lots of floras and insects. We make a lunch break at the end of Wetland Trail.

Wetland Trail

This Time.. Last Year.. Everything Was So Different

Yes, indeed. 
Things are so different compared to last year. This statement makes me pause for awhile and think back all those events that has happened on me during my post au pair life. 
This time.. Last year..
I moved in a shared apartment to live with my husband. Together we shared the apartment with 3 other male medical students. The down part of living with male was hygiene issue. Boy never (never is a strong word. How about rarely?) gives a fuck of doing house chores and keeping the house clean and tidy. In the end, I became the person who cares about the cleanliness of the bathroom and kitchen. No matter how much you cleaned, you just can't keep up with all the mess of 3-4 people made. Am I the person to blame because I'm a clean freak? 
Then, we moved in to a small studio situated above a garage. It is small and cozy. Surely enough space for 2 humans and 2 animals. However, no capacity for another human. Do asked my parents for clarification if you want to know how…

West Coast Series - San Diego


West Coast Series - Getty Museum


West Coast Series - Las Vegas


West Coast Series - Palm Springs

In this west coast series I just want to share with you all the beautiful scenery I captured during my trip to west coast with my dearest parents.