Jun 4, 2016



Jul 26, 2015

Salt Springs State Park

Salt Springs State Park is a beautiful place to hike and sight-see. It located close to the border of New York and it is an hour drive away from our place. According to my state park passport, the main attractions are the old growth, three to four hundred-year old Hemlock Trees. You will see the towering trees and also three waterfalls if you walk on Fall Brook Trail. Do walk cautiously because the slope is pretty steep at the beginning of the trail.

Rocky gorge.

We are walking on boardwalk that followed the rim of the gorge under the towering canopy of Hemlock Trees. 

Penny Rock.

It's amazing to see pennies embedded into layers of rock over years and years. There is a saying to remove the penny will bring bad luck; to leave a penny will bring good luck.

One of the waterfalls.

It is nice to come early and have the whole place by ourselves. 

Half way through Fall Brook Trail we stumbled upon this wide open field. We do silly running and spinning to show our free spirit. Sound of Music wannabe.

Love this shot. 

If you look closely on the flowers over the field, these mating bugs are everywhere.
Lily asked, "What are they doing?" "They are trying to have babies," replied Allen. I guess Lily gets the idea?

Wetland Trail is an easy 0.6 miles hike but you will have to walk pass all these human-height plants and shrubs. This trail is very pretty where you can discover lots of floras and insects. We make a lunch break at the end of Wetland Trail.

Wetland Trail
One of the stunning shot by Allen's S6 phone. 

Look kind of flora but it's a kind of fungus.

Two adventurous people climbed up this huge White Pine while Major barked his lung out underneath the tree.  

Overlook Trail
Lily found a toad. We are hoping she doesn't squish it to death.

My cute baby with flower.
*Please don't kill me!*

Last stop to the waterfall before we headed home.

We hiked for a total of 3 hours that day. By the time we get down to the parking lot, there were lot more people in the park. I see there was a family portrait photo session going on at the Wheaton House, maybe this can be my inspiration of taking this year family photo.

Jul 12, 2015

This Time.. Last Year.. Everything Was So Different

just girly things

Yes, indeed. 

Things are so different compared to last year. This statement makes me pause for awhile and think back all those events that has happened on me during my post au pair life. 

This time.. Last year..

I moved in a shared apartment to live with my husband. Together we shared the apartment with 3 other male medical students. The down part of living with male was hygiene issue. Boy never (never is a strong word. How about rarely?) gives a fuck of doing house chores and keeping the house clean and tidy. In the end, I became the person who cares about the cleanliness of the bathroom and kitchen. No matter how much you cleaned, you just can't keep up with all the mess of 3-4 people made. Am I the person to blame because I'm a clean freak? 

Then, we moved in to a small studio situated above a garage. It is small and cozy. Surely enough space for 2 humans and 2 animals. However, no capacity for another human. Do asked my parents for clarification if you want to know how tiny this place is. No matter how tiny the living space is, nothing beats having your own space. I can now scrub down the house as much as I want. 

This time.. Last year..

I bid farewell to my wonderful host family. My 2-year of astonishing au pair experience had came to an end. The parting was sad (I told myself not to cry but I did. What do you expect? It's me you're talking about) but on the other side I was so eager to start my new life with my husband. I still remember the moment when he showed up on the front door and pick me up with his now-nearly-a-piece-of-junk red Subaru. We then happily headed off for our truly newlywed life. 

Even though we got married on April 2014, we still have to live apart because of my job position. Time seems so precious as we only see each other during the weekends. As for now we get to share every single moment together and make things happened.

Married life can be filled with ups and downs. There are times when we feel angry, annoyed, frustrated, or upset. On the other hand there are times when we feel utterly in love, connected, and happy. Over the time we learn how to listen and communicate when difficulties arise. We strive our best to make thing works instead of making it worst. That is so grow-up things to say. Can't believe I'm saying this.

This time.. Last year..

I found a job working as a part-time sale in a music store. I would never guess I am this lucky to be able to find a job within 2 months time frame. Things are good here in the store. What amazed me is the difference of learning an instrument between here and Malaysia. Speaking from my perspective, I learn how to play piano since young. Every piano student is encourage to take ABRSM exam as a benchmark. The higher marks you get, the faster you get to grade 8, the better you are. However, I don't see any student doing the same thing here. They are more cultivate to perform on a showcase or recital rather than taking any exams. Two distinctive learning styles.

I know I won't stay on this path for long. I am looking forward to change my job direction soon.

This time.. Last year..

I took care of two witty, active, cute, and sweet little kids that drove me nuts sometimes. Now I'm a mom of two - a black labrador named Major and a black fat cat named Ren Ren. Oh, should I include another big playful kid too?

This past year's experience has make me the person who I am today. All these flashbacks put a smile on my face as I'm sitting here typing away. I can't stop but wonder how blissful is this life.  

Jul 8, 2015

West Coast Series - San Diego

A relaxing afternoon in the international cottages in Balboa Park.

They open the door for visitors to learn more about their country's culture and food (donations are welcome) on every Sunday.

A beautiful lady from house of Argentina is performing a song.

Casa del Prado.

Free organ performance at Spreckels Organ Pavilion. 

A boy with this neck-turning Penny-farthing. 

Parents at Gaslamp Quarter.

Santa Fe depot.


We're the boss.

Jul 7, 2015

West Coast Series - Getty Museum

Facing west Los Angeles from Garden Terrace Cafe. 

The contrast between Richard Meier and Robert Irwin. 

Only if you understand Richard Meier's thoughts. 

Jul 6, 2015

West Coast Series - Las Vegas

It's the diva.

Trust me, it was CHILLY. Still, everybody wants a piece of that famous signage. 

How can you not take a picture of this clueless road name?

The family.

Jul 5, 2015

West Coast Series - Palm Springs

In this west coast series I just want to share with you all the beautiful scenery I captured during my trip to west coast with my dearest parents. 



Mystic mountains behind the scene.

A bird-view of Palm Springs on our way up in the aerial tramway. Such deserted city out of nowhere.

Mount San Jacinto state park.

These pine cones are as huge as hand palms.  

Original Cabin #2.